ChIR Symposium 2017

Faro, July 3 - 4



Monday, July 3: sessions on Safety and Regulation

Tuesday, July 4: sessions on Innovation



Monday July 3


9:00AM           Opening Session

Paulo Águas (Vice Rector), Lurdes Cristiano (Dean of the Faculty of Science and Technology), Isabel Cavaco (ChIR Programme Coordinator); Ana Rosa Garcia (ChIR 2017 Programme Director)


9:30AM           Sessions on Safety and Regulation – I

Chairperson Daniel Sainz





 Keynote 1 - “REACHing for industrial innovation using nanotechnologies”, David Carlander (Nanotechnology Industries Association)


Research theses presentations:


The effects of single and combined exposures of plastic nanoparticles and copper sulphate in Daphnia magna” - Ester Carregal-Romero (HWU)


“Investigating hydrocarbon-degrading bacteria associated with marine phytoplankton using dna-based stable isotope probing” - Mohammad Sufian Bin Hudari (HWU)


10:40 AM        Coffee Break and Poster Presentation Session


Research theses presentations:


“Synthesis, characterization and biological evaluation of zn complexes with phenanthroline derivatives and s-methyl dithiocarbazate schiff base ligands” - Yemataw Addis Alemu (Centro de Química Estrutural / UAlg)


“Use of alternative models to assess the effects of TiO2 nanoparticles used in sunscreen formulations on the skin”– Anna Vallejo Cortez (HWU)



12:00 AM        Lunch Break




2:30PM            Sessions on Safety and Regulation - II

Chairperson Teresa Fernandes





 Keynote 2 – Linking REACH and CLP to OSH issues: Some Practical Implementation Guidelines– Susana Gomes, APEQ (Portugal)






 Keynote 3 - “Management of safety regulation” - Paulo Baião, Hovione (Portugal)



15:50 AM        Coffee Break and Poster Presentation Session





 Keynote 4 - “The EU REACH Regulation: Challenging Industry on Many Fronts” - Dominic M. Byrne, Blue Frog Scientific Limited, (UK)






 Keynote 5 - “Environmental Management and Regulation: the Best Practicable Environmental Option Process” Mark Irvine, ERM (UK, Scotland)



 Research theses presentations:


“Different strategies and approaches followed by companies in Portugal and Spain to comply with REACH regulations” - Shella Talampas (UB / UAlg)



Tuesday July 4



9:30AM           Sessions on Innovation - I

Chairperson Vera Marques





 Keynote 6 - “Sustainable chemistry by design translated into practice” - Ricardo Mendonça, Hovione (Portugal)






 Keynote 7 -  Sustainable Chemistry: Innovation and Cooperation” - Cristina Gonzalez, FEIQUE (Spain)



10:50 AM        Coffee Break and Poster Presentation Session


Research theses presentations:


“Catalytic CO2 conversion for its recycling and use as a C1 source: study of new catalysts” - D.J. Donn Matienzo (UB)


“Exploring the potentialities of vegetable waste plant materials for the production of nanoparticles and its application in wastewater treatment” - Wubshet Belay (UAlg)


“Assessment of organic amendments for bioremediation of polyaromatic hydrocarbon (PAH) and petroleum hydrocarbon soils” - Diana Guillen Ferrari (HWU/UAlg)


“Combining liquid-liquid extraction with the use of bacteria aiming the recovery of platinum and palladium from aqueous media” - Mulatu Yohannes Nanusha (UAlg)



12:50 AM        Lunch Break



2:30AM           Sessions on Innovation - II

Chairperson Emilio Tagliavini





 Keynote 8 - “Microalgae make it better for the Earth: environmental and human benefits” - Matilde Mazzotti, Micoperi Blue Growth (Italy)






 Keynote 9 -  to be defined, Andrew Bell, Shell (UK, Scotland)



Research theses presentations:


“Preparation of three-dimensional organometallic molecules with cavities for selective catalysis” - Kseniia Tuholukova (UB)


“Identification and isolation of new chemical substances from marine organisms” - Loveille Jun Gonzaga (UAlg / Hokkaido Univ)



4:20 AM          Coffee Break


Research theses presentations:


“Bezafibrate degradation with advanced oxidation processes at circumneutral pH”  - Jose Miguel Albahaca Oliva (UB)


“Alginate hydrogels: rheological characterization” - Diego Josué Milián Izeppi (UB)


“Exploring chiral resolution in the solid state via co-crystallization” - Boryana Tsenkova (UniBo / Centro de Química Estrutural / UAlg)


“Gold nanorods functionalized with bioreceptors for localized surface plasmon sensing” - Zohre Eskandari (Centro de Química Estrutural / UAlg)



5:45PM            Final Remarks

Daniel Sainz, Teresa Fernandes, Vera Marques, Emilio Tagliavini


6:00PM            Closing Session